Ableton Essential Exercises Level 2: Intermediate Drums by STRANJAH (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Level 2 Introduction 0:51

2. Lesson 1: Rock Beat 3:39

3. Lesson 2: Funk & Soul 4:53

4. Lesson 3: Hip-Hop 5:03

5. Lesson 4: Dancehall 3:50

6. Lesson 5: Reggaeton 2:14

7. Lesson 6: Record Live & Quantize 4:47

8. Lesson 7: Groove Quantization 2:52

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Ableton essential exercises level 2: intermediate drums, this class will build on the material we learnt in level 1 . Expanding knowledge on rhythms from genres such as funk, soul, hiphop, dancehall and reggaeton . These genres will allow you to build a solid foundation to create complex rhythms found in drum & bass, footwork, dubstep, techno and other advanced genres .


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Enjoyed the tutorial, lots of fundamental knowledge about building beats adding ghost notes, groove, ect. Excellent for beginners but also useful for anyone who might need a bit of fundamental drum sequencing theory. Lessons are so smooth full whole and complete , this is it if your looking for the real deal , any genre cheers happy studies , , this is a fantastic back to basics course on drum sequencing in ableton (or any other daw/groovebox, tbh).

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