Ableton Essential Exercises Level 1: Drum Basics by STRANJAH (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Introduction 1:02

2. Lesson 1: Basic House Beat 5:08

3. Lesson 2: Syncopation 2:48

4. Lesson 3: Funk Shuffle 1:36

5. Lesson 4: Velocity 4:34

6. Lesson 5: Extending Loops 3:13

7. Lesson 6: Creating Your Own Drum Kit 2:42

8. Lesson 7: Mixing Your Drums 1:30

9. Lesson 8: Spicing Up Your Drums 2:28

10. Lesson 9: Adding Loops 1:53

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Ableton essential exercises level 1: drum basics,in this course, you will learn basic drum techniques by following simple stepbystep exercises . Be sure to practice each lesson several times until you have the steps and pattern memorized . By the end of the course you should have the fundamental techniques to start writing your own drums!


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I have been following his youtube channel and and was very impressed. We want more classes by you,, on trap and future bass this is a great course that's good for hands-on jumping in and making beats. I've seen stranjah's videos before on youtube, and they've been great. Great structure and clarity in the delivery, thank you keep them coming! very clear and concise, will be on the lookout for more advanced classes. , His style, content, and information are all a part of what keeps bringing me back.

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A little extra speed when speaking or explaining could catch a lot more attention in my opinion.

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