Visual Narrative for Picturebooks: Create a Playful World by Renata Galindo (Domestika_EN)

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Basic Concepts and Development of Characters

Once upon a Time: Building the Picture Book

Final Details and Sharing Your Story

Final project

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This online course is for illustrators, writers, and anyone interested in the power of visual and verbal storytelling. It starts with understanding how pictures are created and developed, with tips on how to cut, paste, and fold pictures to make a finished picturebook, and tips on how to create a story with pictures. After that, it goes on to discuss the different characteristics of pictures and how theming stories are an important part of them. Finally, it provides tips on how to get your story published.


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Students appreciate this course as an excellent addition to the curriculum for children interested in writing children's stories. They find it clear and informative, providing plenty of information on picture book structure and design. The instructor offers helpful tips and instructions for creating and sharing their own stories. The course is also recommended for anyone wanting to start writing children's stories, with an excellent instructor and easy-to-follow flow.

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Some students have provided critical feedback regarding this course. They found no recurring issues or areas for improvement. Overall, they disliked nothing and found no problems with the course. It is well-organized, successful, and highly recommended.

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