Surrealist Illustration: Draw Compelling Stories by Kyle Ellingson (Domestika_EN)

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This online course Kyle Ellingson teaches how to use intuitive visual journaling to unlock new ways of drawing, specifically using digital and analog tools. The course begins by getting to know Kyle's creative journey that has led him to collaborate with New York Magazine, The New York Times, Billboard, The Washington Post, and other media. You are taught how to create surrealist illustrations with basic drawing skills and knowledge of Photoshop. The course ends with get to know you how to use these illustrations to create innovative surrealist illustrations.


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Students appreciate the course's focus on visual storytelling and self-exploration. They find the framework for brainstorming ideas helpful and enjoy the guidance provided for illustrating in traditional media or Photoshop.

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Students have provided critical feedback regarding the course's lack of emphasis on the illustration technique. They find the approach to visual storytelling and self-exploration to be problematic and suggest improvements in providing more instruction on the technique.

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