Illustration: From Sketch to Finish, Create a Detailed Illustration in Adobe Illustrator. by Erica Ilene (Skillshare)

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2 hours

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Course content

1. Intro 0:35

2. Setting up: Setting up the work space for efficient work flow and editing 7:22

3. Brushes and Texture Swatches. Load the brushes and textures swatches provided with the class 2:19

4. Sketch: 3:15

5. Illustrator Basics: Tools and keyboard short cuts used in the class demonstration illustration 11:05

6. Pen Tool 1: Defining when and where to plot anchor points 5:39

7. Pen Tool 2: Working with handles and anchor points. 5:08

8. Pen Tool 3: Working with unique corners 3:22

9. Pen Tool 4: Using the pen tool and reducing opacity to illustrate over a sketch 15:25

10. Color: Picking color 4:45

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This course will teach how to use color and texture in illustrator, in addition to the various lettering tools. It will also cover how to make basic lettering with the Pen Tool.


Best review

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Students appreciate Erica's step-by-step instructions on using Illustrator to create graphics and elements. They like that she offers help for both beginners and experienced users. The tips on layers, individual elements, and adding texture are particularly beneficial. Students also value the complete class for learning new skills in Illustrator.

Worst review

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Some students found Erica's instructions to be too basic, especially in the beginner-level class. They also felt that the tips on layers and individual elements were not in-depth enough. Additionally, a few students suggested that more advanced techniques could be included in the final section of the class.

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