Icon Designing for Web App & Software in Adobe Illustrator by Usman Yousaf (Skillshare)

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5 hours

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Clear and Concise Explanations (16%)
Recommended, Engaging and Informative (13%)
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Helpful Guide, Beginner Friendly (11%)
Good and logic Introduction (10%)

Course content

1. Introduction 2:05

2. Quick Overview 1:46

3. Basic Guide for Icon Design - Icon Grid 7:54

4. Email Icon Design 6:54

5. Messenger Icon Design 13:29

6. Edit Icon Design 12:56

7. Contacts Icon Design 8:52

8. Folder Icon Design 5:23

9. Breifcase Icon Design 6:46

10. Settings Icon Design 5:02

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This class will teach you how to design icons using Adobe Illustrator and how they interact with you in everyday life. You will learn about the proper use of shapes and outlines and how they are used in applications.


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Students appreciate Usman's excellent teaching skills and find the class comprehensive. They enjoy the detailed explanation of great information and overall have a great experience.

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Some students have identified a few issues with the course that need improvement, but overall they still have a positive experience.

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