Realistic Portrait with Graphite Pencil by Diego Catalan Amilivia (Domestika_EN)

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Good and logic Introduction (10%)
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Recommended, Engaging and Informative (9%)
Insightful, valuable and clear Teaching (9%)
Helpful Guide, Beginner Friendly (8%)

Course content


Materials and preparation

The drawing

Modeling and texturing

Final project

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This online course is about artists Diego Catalán and Fernando Pérez. It teaches how to draw a realistic portrait with graphite pencil. It also teaches how to create shadows and textures with two-dimensional shadows and textures with three-dimensional shadows and textures.


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Students appreciate the course for its comprehensive coverage of various aspects and phases of drawing. They find the teacher excellent and the course informative and easy to follow. The inclusion of techniques and portrait-making instruction is also highly beneficial.

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Some students have provided critical feedback regarding the course. They have found certain aspects problematic and suggest areas for improvement. However, specific details of the negative feedback are not mentioned in the given text.

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