How to Draw Cartoon Caricature Fast and Easy by Winda Lee (Skillshare)

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Useful and practical Content (25%)
Simple Learning (18%)
Good and logic Introduction (10%)
Helpful Guide, Beginner Friendly (9%)
Recommended, Engaging and Informative (9%)

Course content

1. Introduction 1:08

2. Draw Cartoon Caricature's Head 2:41

3. How to Draw Cartoon Body 0:55

4. Cartoon Caricature Drawing Steps 2:12

5. Trick 1 Point Of Interest 1:55

6. Draw Woman Head 7:18

7. Draw Woman Body 3:35

8. Draw Woman in Color 5:48

9. Draw Man Head 4:00

10. Draw Man Body 2:23

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The Winda Lee course provides beginners with the necessary knowledge to draw cartoons quickly and easily. Additionally, the course includes learn how to create cartoons with Pose and withImages.


Best review

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Students appreciated the course for beginners that focused on drawing cute stylized human faces. They found the tips on making the drawings look like anyone else helpful. The course provided a step-by-step approach and ample practice opportunities to improve drawing skills. Students also liked the tips on making the drawn images look great.

Worst review

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Some students found the course to be too basic and repetitive. They felt that the course didn't offer enough advanced techniques or challenges. Additionally, a few students mentioned that the tips on making the drawings look like anyone else were not effective. They suggested incorporating more diverse styles and techniques for a better learning experience.

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