Draw a Quick Chibi Cartoon Portrait in Procreate by Maria Lia Malandrino (Skillshare)

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1 hours

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Applied fundamentals and worthy instructor (24%)
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Course content

1. Welcome 3:26

2. Tools 5:51

3. How to pick a reference 5:35

4. How to draw Chibi proportions 10:18

5. Sketch and Ink 8:42

6. Flat colour 9:37

7. Gradients 4:17

8. Lighting and Shading 9:39

9. Wrap-up 4:46

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This skillshare class will focus on drawing a portrait in Chibi style, starting from a photo reference or description. The potential uses for Chibi art nowadays are multiple! They make for great presents, but you could also draw them to create fanart of your favourite TV series, movies or books, as well as offering them as commissions if you are a digital artist.


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Students appreciate the creator's skill in starting out and creating chibis. They found the two examples in the video angle helpful for copying.

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