Botanical Patterns in a Sketchbook: Conquer the Blank Page by Polina Oshu (Domestika_EN)

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Getting Started and Basic Essentials (9%)
Insightful, valuable and clear Teaching (9%)
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Good and logic Introduction (9%)
Practical and focused on Evaluations (8%)

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Floral Motives inside and outside Us

Theory and Exercises


Final Tips

Final project

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This course is for anyone who would like to overcome the fear of the blank page and unleash their creativity through sketchbooking. It covers the basics of composition, color, layer and shape, and how to create bold, vivid, and harmonious patterns. You will also learn tips and tricks from the course teacher to become a professional artist.


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Students appreciate the clear and concise teaching style of Polina Poljak in this course. They enjoy learning how to create design-related patterns with ease and find the course to be fun and inspiring. The use of tips, examples, and Flare markers adds value to the learning experience. The course is described well and easy to follow, making it suitable for beginners and those looking to enhance their creative skills.

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