Amigurumi: Create Crochet Finger Puppets by Carla Mitrani (Domestika_EN)

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The Function Begins: Stories and Puppets

Let's Do It

Tailor the Pattern

Final project

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This online course is designed to help students learn how to crochet finger puppets that will accompany story time. The courses start with a introduction to Crochet Iconic Women, a collection of patterns that will help with the design and construction of your finger puppets. Next, Carla tells the story of how she started crochetinguests can find similar inspiration in classic stories. The courses continue with different versions of the story, each with its own reference material. You will also need some crochet hooks, wool needles, and pins, and four sets of safety eyes and a pair of chopsticks. Finally, be sure to get your crocheted finger puppets out there and around the table while we finish up the day.


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Los estudiantes aprecian el currículo bien organizado del curso Muy Buen Curso de Hilo esfuliante y les encanta la forma en que pueden cambiar tamaños según el tipo de hilo disponible. Disfrutan del ambiente ameno y del apoyo proporcionado por el cuerpo estudiantil. Los estudiantes califican el curso como excelente.

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