You Can Paint! Watercolor Holiday Cards, 5 Step by Step Modern Retro Vintage Designs by Stephanie Bergeron (Skillshare)

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Good and beginner friendly (30%)
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Course content

1. Intro Video 0:50

2. Materials needed 3:46

3. Make the template 2:15

4. Set up the cards 1:49

5. Your project and bonus 0:54

6. Cute snowperson part 1 9:23

7. Cute snowperson part 2 5:42

8. Shiny lights 1 6:31

9. Shiny lights 2 10:25

10. Candle light part 1 9:59

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You can paint! watercolor holiday cards, 5 step by step modern retro vintage designs,if you love retro and vintage style holiday cards this class is for you . Fun and easy pen & ink with soft watercolor to put you in that midcentury modern mood great for all levels .


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This was a lot of fun, and stephanie is a very engaging teacher that gives clear instructions. I've said this before but stephanie is a really personable teacher – her energy and passion for art is contagious. Through this class and stephanie's works we learn that sometimes its good to create just for the sake of creating, so we can reconnect with ourselves, unwind and find our creativity.

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