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Watercolor and Glitter Magic in Procreate - Combine Paint and Photo Texture by Floortje Visser (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Intro 1:05

2. What you need 1:38

3. Setting up the canvas 1:36

4. Watercolor layer 4:37

5. Adjusting linework 1:58

6. Add gold glitter 6:33

7. Your project 1:06

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Learn how to combine watercolor and golden glitter in procreate in this super easy art with flo class . This procreate class comes with color swatches, working files and brushset for easy brush picking . This class is totally suitable for beginners and is very easy to follow .


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Really enjoy your classes on both youtube and patreon and this was no different. I love the way flo explains every step to make it so easy to follow. Flo is one of the most engaging and relatable procreate teachers online today. I've taken a lot of flo's classes on youtube so even though I said this exceeded my expectations, she now just meets my expectations because I have been spoiled by her instructions. I think floortje is one of the best teachers and artist that I follow.

Worst review

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The glitter file was missing from the resources, but I just used one from pixabay. Also, I had to put line art to multiply to get the lower paint levels to show through. I had to go to the comments to realize that I could import the line art (by dragging and dropping) into procreate. Tried it several times, and still not sure what I'm doing wrong, so I just went to line art layer and decreased the opacity.

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