Valentine Illustrations and Cards in ProCreate by Jennifer Nichols (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Intro 0:28

2. Downloading Resources 3:36

3. Creating a Canvas and Importing Fonts 11:34

4. Playing with Text Features and Free Brushes 13:22

5. Heart Stamp Part 1 15:12

6. Heart Stamp Part 2 8:25

7. Banners Starbursts And Fun Text Boxes 13:17

8. Faux Banner and Envelopes 17:46

9. Valentine Birds 7:44

10. Backgrounds 17:37

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In this class i will show you several ideas for valentine’s day illustrations which you can turn into beautiful cards or anything else you'd like! i include free brushes as well as my favorite procreate 5 brushes, and other downloads that provide everything you need to create wonderful valentines .


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I’ve used the brushes to make valentine cards that I am pleased with and with over 5 weeks until v day I can have a lot more enjoyment. Jennifer shows a lot of great design options and shares cool brushes and swatches. I had fun with the heart stamp and the selection tool to create new patterns on the heart shape. I had not yet used the selection tool in that way before. I think my favorite “aha” skill was distorting the shadow of the heart.

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