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Truchet Patterns: Code Your First Illustrator Script for Easy Generative Tile Art

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Melissa Wiederrecht Generative Art



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1. Introduction 1:51

2. Before We Begin 1:24

3. What Are Truchet Patterns? 2:25

4. What Makes A Good Truchet Tile? 3:29

5. First Tile 1:11

6. Script: Copy and Move 8:33

7. Script: Randomly Rotate 3:37

8. Script: One Full Row of Tiles 4:01

9. Script: Full Pattern 4:43

10. Classic Truchet Tiles 5:41


"Truchet patterns: code your first illustrator script for easy generative tile art" "Generative art, creative coding" is a class for intermediate to advanced illustrator users (or the adventurous beginner), those who want to try simple illustrator scripting, those who wonder how such complicated looking patterns are made .


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This was a great class, right to the point and wonderfully explained. I was able to follow the course without any problems and I have absolutely no knowledge about java scripts and such things. This is such a fun technique, and I found making these patterns rather addictive! although I was a bit scared (indeed the word "code" scares me :), melissa explained every step so clearly that she made it sound easy! making lots of new patterns is so quick and easy after the first project is complete.

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I've played around with truchet patterns before but never coded a design directly in illustrator. Coming into this class I didn't know the first thing about truchet patterns or coding with illustrator. I have a little bit of coding experience, but have never been able to wrap my head around javascript. As melissa says, if you can make code/machine do it, why do it by hand!?

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