Quickly Working Through UX Problems Visually by Jake Haugen (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Introduction 2:14

2. Identify the Problem 3:14

3. Empathize 4:52

4. Choose a Scenario 2:47

5. Start the Map! 3:47

6. Where and What 1:40

7. Thinking and Feeling 2:19

8. Opportunities 3:48

9. Get Sketching! 4:17

10. Wrapping Up 2:42

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An often overlooked skill for designers is the ability to step up to a whiteboard (or digital whiteboard) and collaboratively think through an idea on the fly . Being able to think on your feet and show your thought process is highly valued in today's collaborative work environments .


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Good intro/intermediate course mostly focused on the core steps of the ux process. Engaging speaker with a concrete method for establishing direction with a group quickly. I've always had trouble explaining my ideas cohesively in meetings but this has given me a step by step guide to overcoming that issue. But I'm grateful to have come across this as it's such a quick, easy and adaptable method of breaking down a problem, empathising with the user and coming up with solutions.

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Would have loved to see more on how jake converted the outcomes of his initial research into interfaces. Many times when I've worked with school taught ux designers, their bag of tricks almost seem like magic because many times they have studied how to do exactly what you've described in your class but don't really share it with their collaborators.

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