Photoshop Like a Professional - Creating Expert-Level Shadows by Stephen Petrany (Skillshare)

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Simple, practical and complete (38%)
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Helpful material and exercises (10%)
Good and beginner friendly (10%)

Course content

1. Introduction 1:24

2. Shadow Overview 1:36

3. Direct Shadow Explained 2:18

4. Ambient Shadow Explained 2:36

5. Base Shadow Explained 1:37

6. Transition into Photoshop 1:19

7. Creating Direct Shadows in Photoshop 12:10

8. Creating Base Shadows in Photoshop 3:23

9. Creating Ambient Shadows in Photoshop 4:38

10. Shadow Demo - Overhead Lighting Scenario 10:20

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Learn how to create expertlevel shadows for your photo manipulations using the same tricks as the professionals . Learn about the different types of shadows that can exist in a scene (yes, there are multiple shadows) as well as the secrets to building realistic shadows in photoshop .


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This class is really helpful for me and the teacher is soo good . There is a lot to learn regarding shadows that you can only achieve by hours of practice, but this class is a great starting point.

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