Pattern Design for Fashion Garments by Vero Escalante (Domestika_EN)

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Detailed Material and Advanced Content (11%)
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Concept and composition elements

Design your collection

Printing and stamping

Final project

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This online course is for illustrators, graphic designers, and all those who want to create designs for textile pieces. It provides a overview of how an illustrator creates designs, how to use Illustrator or Photoshop, and how to create a collection of six patterns. It also provides tips and tricks for creating a collection of six patterns.


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Students appreciated the well-illustrated and concise nature of the course. They found it beneficial in understanding the creative process of making fabric patterns and gaining tips and inspiration for starting their own business. The course also provided helpful examples of work and project examples, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced individuals. The inclusion of English subtitles was also appreciated.

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Some students found the course to be repetitive and lacking in depth. They felt that it only provided general information about the app and its use, without delving into more advanced concepts. Additionally, a few students mentioned that the course could benefit from more practical exercises and hands-on learning opportunities. Overall, there were suggestions for improvement in terms of providing more comprehensive content and interactive elements.

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