Kawaii Art on ProCreate for Very Beginners (Basics) by Patrizia Diana (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Intro 0:39

2. The *Very* Basics on ProCreate 5:12

3. Sketching is important 3:04

4. Setup the Palette First 2:44

5. How to Set the Brush 0:36

6. Drawing the Outline 2:31

7. Time to Color 1:15

8. How to Add Lights & Shadows 3:51

9. Your Turn! 0:53

10. Conclusion 0:23

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The class is for everyone but thought and made for very beginners who are first approaching to digital art . After this class you will be ready to create outline characters of your own in the easiest way possible thanks to a very simple project where i ask you to repeat the character i did or draw a character by following my guidelines .


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Really enjoyed this class, very easy to understand and great examples. This tutorial helped me in creating a cute character and exploring the tools of procreate. This class is very well explained, simple and easy to follow, the teacher shows the "start to end" process with all the steps, allong with tips and tricks to create your final project. Thank you so much for both breaking the drawing down into small steps and showing us tips and tricks of how to use procreate.

Worst review

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Although I like the class...This teacher gave me no feedback at the end. Some teachers forget what a beginner needs and either forget some steps or tell you info you can’t process.

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