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iPad Artistry: More Digital Collage - Cut Paper Techniques

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Genevieve Crabe



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1. Introduction 1:56

2. Lesson 1 - Circles 6:13

3. Lesson 2 - Paper Texture 2:01

4. Lesson 3 - More Circles 2:32

5. Lesson 4 - Other Shapes part 1 3:57

6. Lesson 4 - Other Shapes part 2 3:35

7. Lesson 5 - More examples 1:56

8. Lesson 6 - Mandalas Overview 1:17

9. Lesson 7 - Landscape part 1 4:14

10. Lesson 7 - Landscape part 2 2:11


This is a followup to my previous digital collage class with some more techniques to create the look of cutandlayered paper art in procreate . Materials,ipad, stylus optional,procreate app,resource files and links are under the project & resources tab .


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I learned so much and my skills just leaped ahead with this class. Genevieve taught me a lot about the power and versatility of procreate. Fun lesson! loved the various projects with multiple layers that added real depth to the art. I like how the instructor has several examples and helps us start easy and build up to more complex designs. I am looking forward to taking more of genevieve’s classes!!! easy to follow, easy to understand, speaks at a good rate and volume and clarity.

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Because of this class, I plan to take the other classes by the teacher. Also, did not know what the remove and add buttons were for. I did not know how to clip our part of the paper or layer like that.

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