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How to create Sweet and Stylized Girls using Procreate

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Brenda Bakker



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1. Intro 2:25

2. How to import everything you’ll need for this class 2:07

3. Explaining Canvas and Brushset 6:19

4. The first Raw Sketch 3:47

5. Creating the Line Art 3:20

6. Coloring Skin and Clothes 11:51

7. Creating Hair and Flowers 8:28

8. Finishing touch with Different Background Styles 6:22

9. Ballet Dancer part 1 10:41

10. Ballet Dancer part 2 13:59


Learn how you can use the template brushstamp i specially made for you . Be warned because it’s highly addictive because it's highly addictive . You also will be needing an ipad with procreate and a pressure sensitive stylus . You can also draw this with markers or pencils on actual paper if you only want to follow the drawing process .


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She’s very generous with her resources and her instructions/descriptions are clear and easy to follow. Excellent step by step explanation, easy to follow, fun class with awesome brushes. I took the portrait class and fell in love with the style. No matter what, brenda will bring a little creative joy to your day! the tutorials never disappoint; in fact, you can count on learning something new or a new way to do it. Brenda is such an inspirational teacher ... And oh so generous sharing her tools and her knowledge.

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I’m horrible at watercolors and I have not done this style before this class i really wanted to learn this after seeing your instagram posts about your latest artistic ventures.

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