How to Create a Floral Wreath on Procreate by Angela Florence (Skillshare)

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1. Introduction 0:45

2. What You Will Need 0:20

3. Inspiration 1:15

4. How To Create 8:46

5. Let's Colour! 3:49

6. Conclusion 0:28

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i'm sick of admiring everyone else's floral projects? Sick of thinking "oh i wish i could do that" Well, guess what, you can! Grab your ipad pro, your apple pencil, and download procreate and we are halfway there! i will teach you step by step my process, as well as some tips and tricks i've learnt .


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The simplicity of the project is fun and relaxing—not to mention results in a great little gift option. And I learnt so many things from just one session with angela. It was a great way to unwind at the end of the day and make a pretty project. Angela's class is easy to follow and provides clear steps to drawing your own flower wreath in procreate. This is angela's (instructor) first skillshare class, but, hopefully, not her last.

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I just wish I understood how you selected the original circle and reduced its opacity...

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