Handwoven Garments with a Weaving Loom by Kristína Šipulová (Domestika_EN)

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Weaving Practices

Preparation for the Woven Garment

Weaving a Garment

Further Steps

Final project

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This online course provides a comprehensive overview of the art of weaving clothing from scratch. It begins with an overview of the basics such as how to wean yourself from traditional methods and create with your own pattern. This course moves on to the more complex aspects of weaving, including pattern design and construction. Finally, the course takes you through the process of weaving clothing from beginning to end, from front to back.


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Students appreciate the inspiring and useful tips in weaving provided by Kristína. They love that her techniques are accessible to anyone, even those with limited skills. The course goes beyond simple items like tea towels and offers a comprehensive understanding of weaving. It is highly recommended for its informative and easy-to-follow content.

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Some students find it sad that weaving, which requires a lot of work and effort, is often limited to making simple items. They suggest exploring more complex projects to fully utilize the potential of weaving. Overall, the course received critical feedback regarding the lack of advanced patterns and projects.

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