Gimp Class 02: create repeat patterns from real sketches and watercolors by Gaia Marfurt (Skillshare)

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1. IntroGimpC02 1:42

2. GimpskillshareC02L01 18:03

3. GimpskillshareC02L02 6:43

4. GimpskillshareC02L03 8:08

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Create repeat patterns with the free software gimp, using illustrations made with a traditional medium, watercolors, gouache, pencils. . . Imported on your pc with a scanner or a good digital camera. For this class you don't need to have a tablet.


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I love the instructor's voice, but she does speak really fast, so you have to pay close attention! i learned a lot that will help my workflow, I did not think gimp was this good, really a fantastic program and gaia teaches it so well. I have used gimp for many years but gaia has shown me a few tools and uses I did not know about.

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I thought there must be a way to make repeating patterns but didn't know how to do it. The streaming of this video was uneven, though it is possible that it is my connection that is the problem.

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