Figma 101 - Learning the basics quickly by Gary Shikhelman (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Intro 0:50

2. Why Figma 1:03

3. Getting Started 1:32

4. Tools 3:49

5. Wireframe 4:09

6. Design (High-fidelity) 19:27

7. Prototyping 6:44

8. Design System 5:52

9. Plugins? 2:40

10. Final Thoughts 0:54

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We'll start off by making a figma account, then learn some basic tools . I'll show you how to make a wireframe, highfidelity design, and prototype . I'm confident that we'll have lots of fun together in this very short class .


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Loved how the basics get explained clearly, in a very short time. For a beginner like me, these quick little courses help to kick start the learning process effectively. Before this course, I have seen a lot of tutorials but those are too long and don't find an overview of workflow within a short period of time. It's really a great course for beginners more than tons of video (long duration, which is frustrating). The classes were engaging and easy to follow with lots of helpful examples.

Worst review

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I'm really impressed by the amount of things jammed into such a short video.

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