Create two Abstract Posters with Wavy 3D shapes Using Photoshop by Klarens Malluta (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Intro 0:29

2. Examples 1:04

3. Patterns 7:07

4. Circle Shape 3:20

5. Square Shape 2:31

6. Follow Path 1:19

7. Poster Nr 1 5:31

8. Waves Around 3:58

9. Clouds 3:04

10. Triangles 3:22

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On this class you will learn to create two abstract posters with wavy 3d shapes using only photoshop . We will start by creating some patterns that we will need to create those patterns . Then we will start working with the first poster where we will learn some adjusements techniques . After we finish first poster, we will work with some other elements on the second poster .


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Really helpful and interesting for all people who would like to gain some new skills in photoshop and make amazing posters

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