Create Simple Pattern Repeats in Affinity Designer (Desktop) by Catherine Beebe (Skillshare)

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1 hours

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Course content

1. Introduction to the Course 0:56

2. Setting Up Your Artboards 2:44

3. Setting Up the Live Preview with Symbols 6:20

4. 1-Create a Pattern with Shapes 4:32

5. 1-Export Your Pattern Swatch & Test 2:53

6. 2-Select and Place Clip Art 4:52

7. 2-Arranging Objects Along the Seam 3:23

8. 2-Move Objects Along the Seams 2:58

9. 2-Export & Test Pattern 2 1:25

10. Your Project 0:29

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In this course, we will be creating two simple seamless patterns. We will learn how to set up our artboards and create a live preview with Symbols, use the shape tools to create a simple first pattern composition that avoids the seams, but still looks balanced, and import clip art into our document. We will also learn how to pick out objectssurrounding the seams of our tile in Designer. We will then order and test our patterns with the Fill tool, and if we have wanted to make patterns, we can also do so in this course. We would like to thank the instructor for this course!


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