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Create Magical Baubles in Procreate

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Brenda Bakker



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1. Intro 1:41

2. Import all materials needed 3:00

3. Creating the lay out 2:59

4. Let’s do some coloring 10:47

5. Add some colorvariation 2:04

6. Creating the colorbleed 3:58

7. Creating more magic with highlights and shimmer 4:00

8. Creating the background 4:52

9. Exploring other colors and finishing the work 7:45


A new skillshare class on how to create magical baubles in procreate . i just love to draw with procreate, but i also love the authentic look of a real painting . I will share a very small brushset and a small magical bauble colorswatch . Also share with you my own handwritten fonts to create a lovely tekst in paintings .


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What a fun class! recommended for any level and for anyone who want to have some fun using procreate teacher goes beyond in teaching with so many tidbits and extra examples. Brenda's english is great, despite her lack of confidence with it. Some great techniqued are clearly demonstrated in a way that makes it easy to follow, even for a novice like myself. Such a wonderful compliment to all of brenda’s other tutorials…clear, concise & to the point. It's such a fun class, brenda is an awesome teacher!!!!

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I am new at procreate and wasn’t sure if this class would be for me.

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