Create a high quality model on your first day in Blender. Step by step tutorial for beginners. by Auripher (Skillshare)

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Clear and structured (20%)
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Course content

1. Introduction! 0:22

2. Modeling basics (Optional) 7:44

3. The main tube/lens 10:28

4. The finderscope 16:18

5. The eyepiece 19:12

6. The objective lens 11:46

7. The mount 21:52

8. The tripod 11:55

9. Applying modifiers 15:04

10. Camera basics 7:22

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We are going to create a 3d telescope in blender 2.9.9 . Everyone can follow this class since it covers the very basics of blender and everything you need to follow the tutorials . Most of the time we will go straight to the point and avoid outrageous amounts of information, i want to make it as enjoyable for you as possible .


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I am recommending this course if you are trying to get you started with blender. At first I wasn't happy with that, but it was actually better because it forced me to experiment, so instead of a copy of his model, image my own with plenty of undos. Its annoying to pause the video while watching the steps, but I think you did an outstanding job nevertheless. A useful and practical guide to get your learning by doing straight away.

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I think it's good for beginners because so many of the actions are repetitive. While it makes the video less repetetive, it makes it more difficult for the viewer to follow along. Blender has so many shortcuts and a lot of other classes I tried didnt communicate the keystrokes.

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