Create a colorful Abstract Poster using Cinema4D and Photoshop by Klarens Malluta (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Intro 0:36

2. Explaining the Process 1:53

3. Texture 4:14

4. Cinema4D 4:46

5. Rendering 2:36

6. First Poster 4:59

7. Starting the second poster 6:30

8. Adding displaced elements 3:13

9. Stars and Geometric Shapes 4:52

10. Finalizing 2:02

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On this class you will learn to create a colorful abstract poster using cinema4d and photoshop . You will have the possibility to play around with the settings to get different results . We will create a 3d landscape and add our texture so we can displace the 3d object . After that we will start with the second poster which is more playful and colorful .


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Great tutorial, very cool to play around with the displacement feature and different patterns. It's a great lesson for those like me who want to experiment and explore more with photoshop and even cinema 4d. And I love the fact that the teacher doesn't waste any time - straight to the point, clear and concise.

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