Charisma on the Cam: How to Look Like a Natural in Front of the Video Camera by Gigi Rodgers (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Introduction 0:57

2. Your Mindset 2:03

3. The Teleprompter 9:52

4. The Script 3:52

5. The Performance 8:29

6. Your Location & Lighting 5:24

7. The Backdrop 2:26

8. The Audio 2:01

9. The Mobile Setup 3:02

10. Outro 0:25

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You finally get in front of the camera to record yourself, but when you play it back it’s a disaster. You’re looking everywhere, except at the camera. You're talking so fast, that even you can barely understand what you're saying. And those talking points you had worked out in your head? yeah, never to be seen again . How can i do all this without putting my bank account on life support? How are you going to pull this off?


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Love how you keep it practical, real and all the tips along the way! will watch again! now I have actionable steps and I'm back on track baby! and I thoroughly enjoyed the class; she is engaging, funny and delightful so it made the class a joy to watch. I have a much better and clearer idea now of what I can do to improve my videos and my own presence in front of the camera. Thank you gigi for the wonderful tips, and for being such a light!

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I was soooo frustrated at trying to memorize the script and looking at the camera and sounding human and moving enough not to be confused with a statue...

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