Boost Your Procreate Brush-Making Skills: Understanding the Brush Studio by Jennifer Nichols (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Introduction 1:15

2. Downloads 3:57

3. Class Brushes 4:54

4. Class Project 2:00

5. Stroke Path 5:38

6. Taper 3:29

7. Shape 7:28

8. Grain 9:40

9. Rendering 3:13

10. Wet Mix 4:15

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In this class we will take a deep dive into the settings of procreate's brush studio .,,i'll walk you through each section of the brush studio one lesson at a time and you will even learn how to make dual brushes!,,i will provide you with 16 free brushes and 20 free shape sources and grain sources to get you started .


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So much information but not overwhelming because jennifer is constantly encouraging play. This is the best class about brush making i’ve ever seen! jennifer, as always takes the trouble to prep materials and examples, and organise her lessons well there’s lots of tutorials on this subject out in the procreate teaching space. This brush class cleared up a lot of questions I had about brushes. This was more helpful than other brush setting tutorials I have tried before. Another great class, jennifer, you are such a generous and clear teacher.

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Now I don't have to spend ages searching for the right brush... I have wanted to know what all of the settings did, but I was to lazy to do the research.

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