Winter Inspired Holiday Cards for 28 Days by Dhritikana Nath (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Introduction 2:41

2. A few pointers 1:18

3. Materials Required 3:29

4. Day 1 Cold Winter Night 29:50

5. Day 2 Camping & Chasing Aurora 27:43

6. Day 3 Red Christmas Barn 32:55

7. Day 4 Snow Heart 26:54

8. Day 5 Celebration 28:33

9. Day 6 Christmas Sledge 31:26

10. Day 7 Snow Cracks 30:20

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This is a class for to share your own experiences with your near & dear ones by sending them a handmade card . The total run time for this class would be 28 days with necessary break on sunday . I will be uploading one project each day so that you can keep up the pace or even take this class at your own pace .


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The projects are so detailed and there's so much to learn in each project. It has such a joyful theme and there are many watercolor techniques to learn from! great for any level :) loved you tips on using water to do the rest of the work dhritkana has used so many techniques which could be used in so many ways to enhance any painting you try. It’s always a beautiful journey to paint along with dhriti ♥️♥️ however even beginners will find there is a lot they can learn.

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