Watercolour Carnations Step by Step by Esther Peck (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Carnation intro 0:59

2. Art Materials 1:21

3. How to Paint Leaf With Flat Brush 3:18

4. Painting Carnation Petal 3:07

5. Step by Step Painting 5:29

6. Side Carnation 1:20

7. Carnation Bouquet 3:46

8. Bonus Video- Full Demo 18:16

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i will be teaching you watercolour carnations step by step . We will be learning this pretty carnation with flat brush and you can use any brand to do so . We only need to learn one brush stroke for the carnation and i will guide you to load the paint on the flat brush to create the beatiful ruffled petals .


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I have learned so much from her in this class and her previous classes. I am so glad I own the book, and now that I took the course, the book makes a lot of sense! her teaching is amazing, I have loved every single one of her classes. It was easy to follow and I am having fun practicing painting carnations. I get so excited when esther peck puts out a new class here on skillshare!

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