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Watercolor With Movement: A Beginner's Guide To Paintings That Fly Off The Page

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Annamarie Uren



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1. Welcome! 2:03

2. Materials You Need 3:33

3. Preparing Your Paint Palette 3:05

4. Practice Painting Wet on Wet Ovals 3:12

5. Experimenting With Wet on Dry Petals 2:14

6. Draw Your Hummingbird 3:22

7. Creating Texture Using Layers 4:13

8. Painting the body of the bird 3:48

9. Using Dry Brush Strokes to Add Movement 5:46

10. Painting the Flower 3:38


Annamarie has spent years experimenting with simple and fun ways to make watercolour paint have movement in her paintings . You’ll learn the tips and tricks that she uses in her watercolours to apply to your own paintings . Each lesson builds on to the next lesson so by the time you paint your awesome hummingbird the creation of the painting is enjoyable and easy .


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Annamarie's approach was very straightforward and had enough pace to keep the lessons moving along, but progressed through all of the steps in a very thoughtful and organized fashion. Each step was explained clearly and was easy to follow with very helpful tips. Tbh, I think you could apply almost all of the techniques with just 2 colors, and follow along the entire project and gain valuable experience. I could definitely take the techniques in this guide and use them for other watercolor projects as my supplies become more varied.

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I'm an engineer, which means I'm the sort to use computer aided design when I want to draw a straight line, so watercolor is very much out of my normal comfort zone.

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