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Watercolor with Me: Beautiful Birch Trees by Jessica Sanders (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Welcome 1:14

2. Supplies 3:56

3. Warmup 1 10:53

4. Warmup 2 6:21

5. Blue Birch Practice Painting 4:39

6. Purple Birch 4:00

7. Gray Birch with Gradient Background 5:08

8. Brusho Birch 1 3:57

9. Brusho Birches 2 2:36

10. Next Level Birch Part 1 5:58

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We will explore painting quick and easy watercolor birch trees . We will be using an unusual tool for watercolor a palette knife . Most paintings can be completed in 510 minutes . The most complex painting only takes about 20 minutes . Your lovely birch tree paintings will make great holiday or christmas cards!!


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I look forward to trying all of the steps outlined in this class. She has an infectious joy in painting and it comes thru in her instructions. Who would have guessed that a simple palette knife would be so wonderful to use in watercolor paintings? she provides a lot of helpful detail without it feeling overwhelming for a new, curious student or beginner watercolorist. I can definitely see myself doing this again as a background for a larger scene. This I s a perfect class for beginners (but not only!)

Worst review

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I have never done negative painting before, let a lone paint with my credit card! i am partial to trees, but I have never been great at re-creating them. This birch tree class came out after my free trial membership had expired. I don't have a palette knife (yet), but it might be doable with an old credit card as well.

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