Watercolor Winter Landscape by Sukrutha Jagirdhar (Skillshare)

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Clear and structured (12%)
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Course content

1. Introduction 1:46

2. Art Supplies 3:16

3. A Few Techniques 11:57

4. Class Project - Sketching 1:40

5. Class Project - Base Layers 7:09

6. Class Project - Frozen Ground 2:41

7. Class Project - Trees and Details 6:34

8. Final Thoughts 1:42

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Winter landscapes are here and being from a place where it doesn't snow. I always held snowfall and winters very dearly to my heart. That, i think, attracted me towards these winter landscapes. Then began the long process of learning,failing and learning again. After almost two months,,we are here. With this class.


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Another fantastic class with easy to follow steps and lots of useful tips! i loved the music and I'm excited to start my own project now. Can't wait to try this one when I get some free time. Really enjoyed watching this class and learnt a lot of new techniques too .. Thank you for this wonderful class and your voice is fabulous it was rather difficult but it did push me to try painting a landscape beyond my skill level

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As a beginner, this is not a class for all levels. The only thing I would add is that it would be good to have supplies listed in print so they are easy to refer back to when needed. I majored in art in college but I never got watercoloring down. Paint colors especially are such unusual names and we want to know what you are using even though we can use whatever we want!

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