Watercolor Mandala Dreamcatcher : Step by Step by Vinita (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Hello There! 0:52

2. Materials Needed 3:14

3. Dreamcatcher Design 4:28

4. Final Project : Mandala Design 2:24

5. Watercolor Basics 4:32

6. Practising Backgrounds 2:21

7. Final Project : Background 1:24

8. Thank you and Beyond! 1:04

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Hey everyone! welcome to my second skillshare class. We take things forward from the first one where we learnt how to create a basic mandala and add in the magic of watercolors. I hope you enjoy the class and try out some mandalas with fun backgrounds


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Thank you so much for the wonderful class which is combined watercolor and mandala. That is really amazing class and those techniques of using tissue paper and salt are amazing. I love this style of mandala work with unique design like dream catchers and watercolor bg ❤ i enjoyed the process of this 'dream catcher', from beginning to end it kept my attention and encouraged me to do better. Would love to see more advanced topics and techniques in the following classes.

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I want to see more of watercolour techniques in your coming class. ️. I'm usually out of patterns and use repeated patterns mostly, the first mandala class gave the exact idea what are the different patterns and the names of it

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