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Watercolor Loose Style Leafy Wreath - Step-by-Step

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Pooja Kenjale-Umrani



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1. What is inside the class? 2:40

2. Supplies 2:26

3. Let Us Warm up! 5:38

4. Part 1(A) Main Branches 11:24

5. PART 1(B) Main Branches Conti. 6:40

6. Part 2(A) Additional Branches 6:02

7. Part 2(B) Additional Branches Conti. 7:54

8. Part 3 Filler Twigs and Leaves 7:41

9. Ideas and Conclusion 2:11


Pooja is the artist behind the instagram account “by the lakeside art studio” (@bythelakeside) and i welcome you to my 7th skillshare class! The evergreen, most frequently used in making wreathes, symbolizes growth and everlasting life! I will share my thought process about how i approach and finish painting a loose style watercolor wreath .


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I can't wait to take more of this teacher's classes. I enjoyed how the class is covered with all details step by step. Pooja takes the intimidation factor out of this pretty wreath project and encourages everyone to follow along step-by-step. She makes watercolors look easy to work with as she explains everything in simple steps..This class is also something like that as she builds the wreath from a small branch to entire leafy bunch. You are an excellent teacher and I really enjoyed this well-taught class.

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So I will repeat this class until I have duplicated to the best of my ability all of the wreaths shown in the video.

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