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Watercolor Lettering, intro to brush lettering, florals and leaves

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Lindsey Starr



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1. intro to brush lettering 0:21

2. Course Materials 2:55

3. Brush Lettering - Basic strokes 4:52

4. Quick brush lettering a-z 0:28

5. Lettering pro tip 5:17

6. Lettering practice 9:30

7. Project 1 1:36

8. Mini Lesson - painting 3 types of leaves 2:04

9. Mini Lesson- painting 6 types of flowers 3:35

10. Final Project 6:19


Learn how to brush letter with a watercolor brush, water brush and tombow dual brush pen . There are mini lessons on leaves and florals as well . Songs provided by @iksonofficial written permission for songs “dear autumn”, “wander” and “early hours”


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It was just a time lapse of someone talented working their magic. Looking forward to trying out the techniques-loved the floral lesson! again, the information, art style, and projects were amazingly good! i've been following you on instagram for awhile now so I was super excited to see that you have a skillshare class. Yay I was so excited when you said you were teaching a skills share class I hopped in right away it was amazing and fun and very easy to follow.

Worst review

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The video was shaky for some of the clips, which was very distracting. Most of the "lessons" focus on what brand the material is (and felt like an ad) than to actually show beginners some tips. There were a few things I found distracting - the editing was very choppy with sudden gaps; the camera shook at times making it difficult to focus on the process; it seemed somewhat rushed which was sad because there was interesting things happening.

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