Watercolor Landscape - Mountains and Reflections on Water by Chiara Mazzetti (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Introduction 1:31

2. Materials 2:46

3. Practice: Mountains 8:04

4. Practice: Reflections on water 9:37

5. Demo: the Sketch 1:21

6. Demo: Sky and Mountains 12:44

7. Demo: Forest and Water 15:26

8. Thank you! Class Project 0:42

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In this class i will share some simple techniques to paint mountains both in the foreground and in the distance . The course will start with practice and exercises: you will learn how to paint confidently the mountains and obtain the effect of aerial perspective . Then i will guide you to achieve the realistic feeling of greenery reflected on water and sparkles of the sun on it .


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Thank you chiara for your step by step instructions and amazing class! i love the practice lessons and the detailed explanation of every step. I will continue practicing and improving my skills following this helpful tips. This class was very easy to follow and you get great results even if you are just new to watercolours. Chiara has a unique painting style that I've always admired and this class is so very well structured to master the skill of painting reflection and mountains.

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Please think of doing a skillshare class on painting waves/ocean. I have had a lot of difficulty mixing to get the color required in other classes.

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