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Watercolor flower: how to paint rose step by step guide.

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Karan Veer Singh



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1. Introduction 1:13

2. Art Supplies 1:46

3. Basic Watercolour Techniques 1:50

4. Colours used 2:13

5. Base Layer of Rose 5:26

6. Detailing The Rose 2:10

7. Sepal 2:18

8. Practical Application of Sepal 1:38

9. Learning Stem 1:50

10. Basic Leaves 2:22


Hey friends! Ever wondered to paint like a pro without using any pencil or any marking? Have you ever been in complete awe when you see people on instagram or online and always wonder how they do that? That’s why i have specially curated this class for you . This class is a perfect fit of loose style, realistic style and i haven’t forget to add some tips and tricks .


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Hie karan, this is manmeet from thankyou karan for this class. I love the fact that u explain all techniques in detail prior starting the main composition and also that your classes are not at all stretched, they are of such short duration, compact and yet explained aptly. This class is brilliantly executed and so easily explains all the details and techniques needed for mastering rose creation. Also, thankyou so much for the bonus lesson on shadow part. Thank you so much.. Plz make an advanced rose class too..

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I always wanted to learn the actual watercolor and was afraid to even think of attempting ( as I thought I will waste a lot of paper ).

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