Watercolor Floral Postcards : Painting Mini White Florals by Vinita (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Hello Hello! 1:02

2. Materials Needed 1:35

3. Techniques and Masking Fluid Tips 5:39

4. Project 1 : Daisy Meadow 13:53

5. Project 2 : Snowdrops 18:33

6. Project 3 : Magnolia 13:30

7. Thank you! 0:44

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Watercolor white florals is a byte sized version of the watercolor postcard series . This one is all about those minis daisies and snowdrops . We cover everything about masking fluids all the tips and tricks you need to know about using it and saving your brushes and papers .


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Yet another beautiful, relaxing and informative class with gorgeous class projects! i really appreciate that this instructor always comes up with so much variety. And I love the three beautiful class projects.Thank you for this amazing class to paint awesome white florals dear vinita. And I loved the way it was explained so well till the completion of the project. Here is another wonderful class on painting white florals with vinita, this time on a smaller size! i have attended her mandala class, the galaxy class, sketchbook explorations..

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Actually I have ruined the first attempt as my colours spread into the flower are as I didnt give enough time to dry.

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