Watercolor Blush Pink Bouquet - Let's explore pink florals! by Pooja Kenjale-Umrani (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Introduction 2:39

2. Art Supplies 6:44

3. Paint Swatches 13:01

4. Warm-up Roses 6:18

5. Warm-up Filler Flowers, Buds, Leaves 7:56

6. Warm-up Peony 9:19

7. Main Bouquet P1: Rose+Peony 7:47

8. Main Bouquet P2: Filler Flowers + Peony 8:17

9. Main Bouquet P3: Buds+Leaves 12:39

10. Main Bouquet P4: Adding Centers 4:06

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We are going to paint blush pink florals and paint a beautiful bouquet together . This class is suitable for beginners and you can jump straight into the class to paint your beautiful version of the bouquet . We will start by mixing some shades of pink, followed by a warm up floral practice .


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Your tutorial was simple and clear and brought out the flower so nicely! by watching this class I can practice to make florals bouquet better!! i liked her attention to detail and how she explained, step-step why she added them. I also like how she listed each color she used and how it enhanced the composition. I consider myself still pretty much of a beginner and I manage to paint a very beautiful bouquet! lovely class by pooka, absolutely loved the soft colors and project.

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