Snow Capped Mountains - In Four Themes by Sukrutha Jagirdhar (Skillshare)

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Excellent and Practical (15%)
Helpful material and exercises (11%)
Clear Explanation (10%)
Interesting introduction (9%)
Engaging Instructor (9%)

Course content

1. Introduction 1:10

2. Art Supplies 0:41

3. Techniques 7:09

4. Realistic Mountains 22:38

5. Northern lights & Mountains 10:11

6. Galaxy & Mountains 9:43

7. Sunset & Mountains 12:38

8. Thank You 0:49

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There are total of four class projects here . The first one, the longest project, is the main project where we will be learning about realistic mountains . The next three themes are northern lights, galaxy and sunset . All these landscapes have one common theme, hat is snow capped mountains .


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Got a lot of knowledge and learned a lot of new techniques through this class. Your techniques were very helpful and loved all the themes you have painted... But sukrutha has explained everything very patiently and in very simple terms, and reiterated the learnings wherever relevant. My favourite one is the sunset theme and really can't wait to try out these techniques .... Her brush-strokes are also easy to follow if one observes carefully. Oh how much I came to enjoy this class by sukrutha!!

Worst review

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I actually could not tell where did 1 hour go while watching this class. I was reluctant since there were many new techniques for me - galaxy, northern lights, dry-brushing, my every failing pine-trees [as simple as they look, I have failed so many times trying them].

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