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Relieve Anxiety with Oil Pastels Simple Techniques

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Francoise Blayac



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1. Introduction 2:08

2. Class Project 1:12

3. Class Supplies 3:20

4. Warm-Up Exercise : Let's Play ! 4:55

5. Class Project Part 1 : Color Selection 1:16

6. Class Project Part 2 : Sky Painting 4:03

7. Class Project Part 3 : Sea Painting 6:48

8. Class Project Part 4 : Adding Foam 3:22

9. Class Project Part 5 : Sand Painting 4:08

10. Class Project Part 6 : Final Details 2:49


Learn the two basic techniques you need to paint smooth and satisfying art with oil pastels . Practice scribbling and smudging to create a gorgeous seascape painting together . This class is perfect for a beginner wanting to try something new and accessible while having a fun time .


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Francoise, this is the best ever class a beginner can ever get on oil pastels. Perfect for anyone who wants to try out oil pastels or is looking for an easy (or rather: well explained) practice project. I am looking forward for more of your oil pastel classes francoise. I would llike to add that as an introductory class, this was indeed a calming experience. I absolutely felt my inner child enjoying the process with almost a smile on my face.

Worst review

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I did enjoy scibbling a bit and the smudging of oil pastels. I mean when I started out on pastels a year ago I did not find any useful resources o techniques/how to actually use them as a beginner. I tried oil pastel few months back, and it was so difficult to get the blending and my paper torn out.

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