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Paint with Watercolor- Create a Blue Claw Crab

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Melissa Hyatt



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1. Introduction 0:59

2. Supplies 5:33

3. Sketch 4:44

4. Mix the colors 6:15

5. Lights washes 10:08

6. Paint the Shell 11:32

7. Paint the Legs and Claws 5:46

8. Add the darks 3:40

9. Final thoughts 1:34


Melissahyatt is a watercolor artist and surface pattern designer . She loves to paint sea creatures with her watercolors, especially blue claw crabs . Beginners as well as experienced watercolor students will enjoy this class . You will improve your watercolor skills and learn about my favorite colors to paint with .


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Thanks for inspiring us and leading us to make our beautiful crab watercolor paintings! i wish we could have seen how the paint was being applied throughout the entire piece. I do hope melissa does more tutorials with that in mind in the future as I did enjoy her teaching style!

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I would like the video to be improved to show more of the actual painting instead of the reference photo, the bottom of the painting was chopped off . Unfortunately, melissa was not painting in the video frame during the first 2 portions of painting, so it was not possible to visually follow what she was doing. I would like to have seen a reference photo provided with the class.

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