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Magic 101 : From Beginner to Performer

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Acker Kwan



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1. Introduction 2:10

2. Basic Card Sleight 1: Shuffling Cards 8:54

3. Basic Card Sleight 2: The Double Lift 5:08

4. Basic Card Sleight 3: The Double Undercut 4:11

5. Basic Card Sleight 4: False Cuts 5:11

6. Basic Card Sleight 5: Forcing Cards 5:43

7. Card Trick 1: Ambitious Routine 9:16

8. Card Trick 2: French Kiss 9:03

9. Caring For Your Playing Cards 1:27

10. Visual Magic 1: Got Milk? 4:42


The class is divided into 4 sections and if you already have prior knowledge, you may skip to the tricks right away . All you need is a passion for magic and a heart for people . As for physical materials, all you need are basic household items . Any questions? contact me here .


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Only watched 5 videos in and the production and teaching quality is excellent. Simply wow.. This course teaches a very exciting subject in a very nice way i will be rewatching the how to shuffle cards part again and again until I master that skill. I think it is necessary to watch at least 2 or 3 times until I got familiarized with the tricks. In this course though, acker breaks down all his techniques and tricks so well that it almost feels easy.

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I used to do rudimentary card and coin magic when I was younger, but forgot it all. I always wanted to be able to impress my friends with magic tricks but never knew how/where to learn them.

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