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Lose Your Fear With Ink: Create a Unique Illustration In Simple Steps by Isa Cienfuegos (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Introduction 1:18

2. Class Project 1:30

3. Why Ink? 2:20

4. Materials: Paper & Brushes 3:56

5. Materials: Inks & Others 4:08

6. First Experiment 8:22

7. Second Experiment 4:40

8. Adding White Ink 3:06

9. Creating Your Unique Illustration 10:44

10. Conclussion 2:06

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Ink has been one of the most basic artistic mediums for many millennia . As a material, it’s inexpensive, easily accessible and wonderfully versatile . It continually opens up a world of possibilities as you learn to use it . This class is perfect for beginners and all creatives who want to dive into the art of ink and experiment with this medium .


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I love your teaching style and can’t wait for more of your classes. It makes you appreciate this medium from another point of view and experience it on another level. Really looking forward to getting to know ink more, loving the tones and flow of ink and water. Whether you are totally new to ink, or painting, or experienced, you will learn quite a lot with isa's class. Isa has created a lovely class, setting up exactly the right environment to help us lose our fear with ink!

Worst review

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I would have loved to see more examples of finished illustrations with this technique. I had no idea this was isa's first class until she mentioned it at the end.

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