Loose Florals: Paint a Watercolor Wreath in 5 Steps by Audrey Ra (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Welcome to Watercolor Wreaths 1:39

2. About Wreaths and Importance 2:48

3. Audrey's Loose Floral Style 2:37

4. 5 Step Overview 1:31

5. Gather Inspiration 1:39

6. Select a Shape 1:11

7. Consider Color 2:15

8. Pick and Plan Floral Elements 3:17

9. Wreath Painting Tips 1:29

10. Supplies You'll Need 5:27

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Loose florals: paint a watercolor wreath in 5 steps! This class is geared towards beginners, all levels can benefit because wreaths can be challenging to paint . Some of what we'll paint are:filler elements like leaves and dainty flowers,feature elements like roses and peonies .


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The teacher showed her work so that I could easily see what she was doing. By the way, congratulations on "things unseen designs" becoming your full time job! i have been watercolor painting for a while, but learned a lot and enjoyed this class! and I hope to see more of your classes in the future! audrey, thank you, not only for teaching the techniques but also giving additional tips and being so encouraging! i am learning all the time so pleased to have embarked on this course.

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